In the middle of a pandemic, the past April 27th of 2020 (World Design or World Graphic Design Day), I was having some thoughts of what design means and what makes someone a designer. I believe that is more than a profession, but a beautiful vocation and anyone who's able to craft something has the power in their hands to design.

I also acknowledge the responsibility of creating visual communications in any form (a meme for example), because it takes a really important role in our societies, culture and lives.  In this strange difficult times, maybe it's the perfect moment when we, as the awesome, creative people we are, should focus more on using design to create with our bare hands: products, messages, systems that helps improve people's lives and being part of a new generation who embraces the "humanist aspect of design" as mentioned in the creation of the First Things First Manifesto back in 1963. I really hope we can recover some of the core values of this beautiful career has to offer, change our mindset and help each other to build a better world.

Other random designs...

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